Apple News is a wonderful part of iOS. A clean place to follow all the news you want. But why hasn’t it made its way over to MacOS? Wouldn’t it be nice to have the same curated news experience on your Mac, rather than opening several browser tabs to get a similar experience? I thought so and decided to mockup what Apple News on MacOS could look like.

Mac App Interface


Apple News Icon Over the Years

I wanted to review the design language changes and the evolution of the news eco-system looking back from Newsstand to the current Apple News.

Mac App Icon Grid

My first step in designing the icon for Apple News was looking at the three icon types and their grids that were introduced with Mac OS X Yosemite. I decided to use the rotated rectangle as it maps closest to a newspaper and because it resembles an analog paper stack as is the case with icons for Notes and Reminders.

Icon Iteration
Icon Iterations
Apple News iPhone UI
Mac Apps
Mac Apps

I took a look at several differant Apple applications, looking at the differant navigation paradigms, styles, grids and scale of differant components.

Grid Structure
Small Article Iteration

I developed some iterations of the small article type, with varying text, logo alignments and image placements within a horizontal bounding area. I applied stylings of existing Apple apps and Apple News on iOS to create Apple News for MacOS, with the intention to bring a great news application to the entire Apple eco-system.