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A couple years ago I started creating a bunch of penguin illustrations, just because and ever since I have been creating illustrations and posting them to Instagram and my blog such as the ones featured below. After creating this penguin identity one of my good friends suggested I create “penguin emoji” so people can use them since many people find them quite cute. Months past and I had some time to look into it leading me to iMessage Sticker Packs. And that’s how this happened, creating more and more penguins now joining you in your conversation. Enjoy!

After creating the penguin sticker pack, I decided to expand the stickers of my friend’s dog, Naara, who has a huge following on Instagram. Follow her here. Enjoy!

Check out the Penguin Stickers
Check out the Naara Stickers
Penguin + Tube
Penguin + BB-8
Penguin + Heart
Penguin + Lights


Penguin Pack

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Naara Pack

Naara Referance Images
Naara Rhino
Naara Stickers