Rehan is a masters student at Carnegie Mellon University studying Tangible Interaction Design, a degree with the intention to bring together his passions in design and technology. Rehan loves to travel , and has been fortunate enough to live all over the world . Trying everyday to bring the unique aspects of each culture into his work. In his free time, he enjoys photography and creating cute digital illustrations.


To obtain a position that will help me continue to learn and follow my passions in art and technology, while developing innovative products within the organization.


Carnegie Mellon University [2016 - Present]
Masters in Tangible Interaction Design
Relevant Coursework
  • Experimenting with Design: Methods for Research Innovation
  • Connected Classrooms | Themed Entertainment Design Studio
  • Programming for Online Prototypes
Carnegie Mellon University [2012 - 2016]
Bachelors in the Integrative Physical and Digital Media Studies
Relevant Coursework
  • Mobile Service Innovation | Guest Experience & Theme Park Design
  • Human Experience in Design | Learning Media Design | Architectural Design Studios
  • Design Communication | Information Design | Architectural Robotics
  • Mobile App Design & Development | Physical Computing | Learning Media Design
  • Fundamentals of Programming and Computer Science | Principles of Imperative Computation
National University of Singapore [Summer 2013]
  • Design Program - Designing for Active Aging (Certificate Program)
  • Concept to prototype, enhanced team building and leadership skills

Work Experience

Teaching Assistant - Spactial Narratives via Web Graphics - [Fall 2017]
  • Taught students web technologies in relation to creating great web experiences
Co-Founder - Processly - [2016 - Present]
  • A web application making it easy for students to document, discuss, and reflect upon their work. It allows teachers to work alongside students as they foster a collaborative learning environment.
Lab Manager - CodeLab (CMU) - [2016 - 2017]
  • Expand the lab’s digital presence in order to enhance awareness
Mobile UI/UX Designer - YinzCam - [2016 - 2017]
  • Lead efforts to enhance app experiences across different platforms
  • Involved in recruitment of the design team
Mobile UI/UX Intern - YinzCam - [2015 - 2016]
  • Participated in evaluating the current app experiences and proposed enhancements
Co-Founder - Dzgn.IO - [2015 - Present]
  • We design and create with an approach of playful pragmatism. A group with the goal to deliver design services incorporating holistic values of aesthetics, experience, and communication
Head Teaching Assistant – Intro to Digital Media (CMU) – [2015 - 2016]
  • Taught students a variety of software tools for use in their design efforts and their work flows
User Experience Design Intern – Consumer Reports – [Summer 2015]
  • Worked with the UX team to redesign with emphasis on data visualization
Monitor – Digital Fabrication Lab (CMU) – [2015 - 2016]
  • Taught students digital preparation & machining techniques in lasercutting, 3D printing & CNC milling
Designer & Developer – Human Behavior Computing Lab (HCII at CMU) - [2014]
  • Designed and created a website for the lab, projects and its members
Intern – Architrave (Architectural Firm) Singapore – [Summer 2013]
  • Modeled several projects using 3dsMax, Revit and AutoCAD
  • Helped expand the in-house materials and standards libraries


Co-Presenter - AIA Build Pittsburgh - [Spring 2017]
  • Presented ‘UI/UX Design and Architecture: Leveraging Web Technologies for and by Architects’ sharing common interests and workflows between these industries and some opportunities for both industries to adopt from the other
Guest Lecturer - Digital Media (CMU) - [Spring 2017]
  • Ran a workshop series, HTTParty, looking at the basics of UI / UX design and web development, with the Dzgn.IO team
Designer & Member - Ideate Student Advisory Committee (CMU) - [2015 - 2017]
  • Branded Ideate, Involved in improving the Ideate program
Public Relations Chair - International Student Union (ISU) [2014 - 2016]
  • Branded ISU, developed the website and created displays and posters
Designer - Lunar Gala (Fashion Show) [2014-2015]
  • Designed a fashion line, crafted from synthetic paper, 3D printed plastics and iridescent silk
Designer & Member - ScottyLabs (CMU) - [2014 - 2016]
  • A student organization with the goal to educate the CMU community. Ran workshops (WebDevWeeks, Portfolio Hackathon), heavily integrating design and coding
Global Conference on Educational Robotics – (Botball) [2008-2011]
  • Designed, built and programmed autonomous robots
  • Awarded 1st place in Alliance Competition (Team Lead), 2nd place overall, double elimination finalists & Judges Choice Award


Expat Living Magazine – Singapore, Singapore [2013]
  • Photo competition winner – Featured in the magazine and on the website
St. Andrew’s Episcopal School, Potomac, MD [2009 - 2012]
  • 2D (Photography & Computer Graphics), 3D (Fountain/Ceramic & Mixed Media) & 3D (Blown Glass, Metal & Ceramic Fountain)
  • Significant Achievement in the Visual Arts (2012)


  • Design Thinking | Photoshop | Illustrator | InDesign | Sketch | FramerJS
  • Rhinoceros | RhinoCAM | Vray | AutoCAD | Revit | Photography
  • HTML | CSS | JavaScript | C | Ruby | RAPID Programming | Arduino
  • CNC Router | Lasercutter | 3D Modeling | Hand & Technical Drawing