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Hi! I'm Rehan 👋

I am a devzgner currently based in Los Angeles California, USA creating magic & filmmaking tools at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Currently, I lead design across a broad range of tools used by artists and filmmakers. Previously I worked on healthcare technology at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Enterprises, where I led design for our technology group. During my time at UPMC I led design across several products, from care delivery to research study tools and designed a suite of imaging tools for the radiology field with GE Healthcare. Prior to joining the healthcare world, I worked in the sports industry, collaborating with organizations like the NBA and NFL on consumer and enterprise applications, such as in-door wayfinding, an ads platform, and AR experiences! I have also spent time in the consumer advocacy space building tools that help to prioritize the interests of the consumer to shape a truly consumer-driven marketplace.

I have been very fortunate to have lived all over the world and continue my love for travel. Bringing my observations and experiences from unique aspects of each culture and geography into my design philosophy. During my travels, I have had the opportunity to grow my love of photography and have captured some amazing images along the way.

I attended Carnegie Mellon University where I received a Master in Tangible Interaction Design and a Bachelor (BA) in Integrative Physical and Digital Media Studies. I'm always looking for opportunities to learn something new and share my knowledge with others. There are lot of great resources online, check out some of my recent finds here. And sometimes I get a chance to share what I know on stage.

When I'm not devzgning filmmaking tools, you can find me playing with code, drawing cute illustrations, pushing buttons and sometimes doing a bit of woodworking.

One day I'd like to:

  • Ha! If only it was that easy 😊
    publish a photo book
  • Ha! If only it was that easy 😊
    design and ship a hardware product
  • work in the animation industry

Curious what else I'm up to? Shoot me an

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Work Experience

Walt Disney Animation Studios

Senior Product Designer

August 2022・Present

Working in the technology department, I lead design for a broad range of tools used by artists and filmmakers. Working closely with the artists and engineers to bring cutting-edge computer graphics technology to intuitive and artist-focused tools. As a design generalist, I work across the full product lifecycle from concept to launch and refinement while championing best practices in user experience throughout the Studio.

Disney's Wish movie poster

Wish 2023

Credited under Technology - Engineering Services



April 2015・Present

We design and create with an approach of playful pragmatism. A group with the goal to deliver design services incorporating holistic values of aesthetics, experience, and communication.

Duquesne University

Adjunct Faculty

August 2021・August 2023

Teaching, Web & Mobile Design Opens a new window, a course where students use principles of visual and interaction design to create high-fidelity web and mobile application prototypes. Covering topics such as responsive design, design systems and working with engineering partners.

UPMC Enterprises

Lead Product Designer

June 2021・August 2022

Leading our technology solution’s design efforts including discovery, concept development and bridging the user needs with the technical underpinnings. Establishing design services in support of our extended internal teams and portfolio companies alike. And spearheading activities to accelerate the UX maturity of the organization.

Senior Product Designer

December 2019・June 2021

Leading our internal telehealth and enterprise solution design efforts. Building and formalizing processes for use across the department while also mentoring and aiding in evolving our UX maturity. Continuing to lead the design efforts for Vincent Payment Solutions and supporting design efforts for our Pharmacy team.

Product Designer

July 2018・December 2019

Worked with GE Healthcare on creating next generation enterprise imaging products for radiology field, including work prioritization, image viewers, and reporting applications. Led native PACs reporting project while building out a design system for use across GE Healthcare. I also led the design efforts for Vincent Payment Solutions, a payment application addressing the difficulty of institutional payments for short term engagements such as research studies and class projects.


Co-Founder & CXO

May 2016・October 2020

A web application making it easy for students to document, discuss, and reflect upon their work. It allows teachers to work alongside students as they foster a collaborative learning environment.

Carnegie Mellon University

Teaching Assistant・Spactial Narratives via Web Graphics

August 2017・December 2017

Taught students web technologies in relation to creating great web experiences. Creating and maintaining good code practices and how to design delightful experiences with entry level software development skills.

Lab Manager・CodeLab

August 2016・August 2017

Worked to expand the lab's digital presence in order to create growth for the lab. I also launched a student showcase in partnership with the career development office to share the broad range of skills presented by the students of the school of architecture with industry professionals.


Experience Designer

May 2016・May 2017

Lead new product efforts for better fan engagement, worked with clients such as the NBA and NFL pushing their missions forward. Lead both consumer and enterprise applications for use by the NBA, NFL & AFL including project with an AR and VR focus and in-stadium wayfinding.

UI/UX Design Intern

November 2015・May 2016

Evaluated the current app experiences and designed enhancements across consumer facing products and enterprise applications.

Carnegie Mellon University

Lab Manager・IDeATe Digital Fabrication Lab

September 2015・September 2016

Taught students digital preparation & machining techniques in laser cutting, 3D printing & CNC milling. Best practices for production and sustainable material use.

Head Teaching Assistant・Intro to Digital Media

September 2015・April 2016

Taught students a variety of software tools for use in their design work and the workflows around them.

Consumer Reports

User Experience Design Intern

May 2015・August 2015

Worked with the UX team to redesign consumerreports.org with an emphasis on data visualization, better conveying complex data to the large user base.

Carnegie Mellon University

Designer & Developer・Human Behavior Computing Lab

June 2014・November 2014

Designed and created a web presence for the lab to showcase its projects and members.


Design Intern

May 2013・July 2013

Helped to expand the in-house materials and standards libraries while gaining familiarity with industry standard tools such as 3dsMax, Revit and AutoCAD.

Speaking Events

Creating a Professional Portfolio

November 2022 ・ Duquesne University

From the perspective of a hiring manager and someone who has been in the same shoes, I shared my thoughts on what makes the most compelling portfolio to land your next job.

Applying Usability Heuristics

June 2022 ・ Carnegie Mellon University

Spoke with the Product Design Innovation group of the Integrated Innovation Institute about the role of usability heuristics, how they can be used to measure design work and create a strong foundation for the user's experience.

User Workflows in Complex Ecosystems: Understanding your User and their Surroundings

October 2021 ・ Harrisburg University

Shared by experiences around designing solutions in complex ecosystems such as in radiology and telemedicine environments, consideration that need to be captured during discovery for your primary user and their support teams.

Edtech & Entrepreneurship

February 2021 ・ St. Andrew's Episcopal School

Shared my journey as a founder of an educational technology startup, Processly, and the process of transforming an idea to a product.

How to do the Devzgn Thing

November 2020 ・ The New School

Building great software has many steps. One of which is making sure the collaboration between the design and development teams is just right, executing to the highest level. This talk explores best practices and strategies to help you and your team grow this connection.

Real World AI

May 2019 ・ UPMC

Spoke about the value of AI in the real world and some of the challenges that come with implementing them in a seemingly straightforward environment during our internal artificial intelligence talk series.

Processly: A New Kind of Collaboration

January 2019 ・ Consumer Electronics Show

Spoke about the value of Processly in both an educational and corporate setting bringing distributed teams together through the use of Processly’s online whiteboard, Sandbox.

Processly in the Classroom

October 2018

Presented the value of Processly to educators and other education stakeholders, explaining how it would work for a variety of teaching styles and grade levels, middle school high school and higher education.

Processly, From an Idea to a Product

April 2018 ・ University of Pittsburgh

Spoke to the group about what it means to be a young entrepreneur. Finding a problem you are passionate about solving and how you turn that passion into a business. Building a product and putting in the hands of your customer.

Careers in UX

April 2018 ・ University of California, Los Angeles

Spoke about the current landscape of user experience design, what it means and where I see the field going as well as how to get into the field coming from a non-design background.

Starting a Company as a Student

March 2018 ・ Carnegie Mellon University

Spoke to the entrepreneurship class about what it means to be a young entrepreneur. Finding a problem you are passionate about solving and how you turn that passion into a business.

Personal Branding: Sharing a Story Through Your Work

February 2018 ・ Carnegie Mellon University

Spoke to the group about what it means to create a personal brand identity. Talking about visual identity and creating a brand system that can be portrayed throughout their work. As well as having a design critique around existing student brands.

Processly in the Classroom

November 2017 ・ Three Rivers Educational Technology Conference

Presented the value of Processly to educators and other education stakeholders, explaining how it would work for a variety of teaching styles and grade levels, middle school high school and higher education.

Personal Branding: Sharing a Story Through Your Work

October 2016 ・ Carnegie Mellon University

Spoke to the group about what it means to create a personal brand identity. Talking about visual identity as well as the bigger brand system that can be portrayed throughout all of their work and what it means to convey a project narrative.

Design @ YinzCam

September 2016 ・ Carnegie Mellon University

Shared what it was like working on cutting edge technology project within the sports industry. The risk, challenges and rewards of having hundreds of thousands of people using your product.

Portfolio Hack-a-thon

April 2015 ・ Carnegie Mellon University

A workshop helping students learn to design and build their own portfolios, a digital showcase of their work. Defining the narrative and the structure of their work then diving into the development of the details.

WebDevWeekend: Intro to HTML & CSS

April 2015 ・ Carnegie Mellon University

Introduced the basics of web development to the group. Showcased the foundations of a website, HTML and CSS the role they play in building and design a web presence.


Carnegie Mellon University

Masters in Tangible Interaction Design

Carnegie Mellon University

Bachelors in the Integrative Physical and Digital Media Studies

National University of Singapore

Design Certificate Program - Designing for Active Aging


Some of the things I do well

Design Thinking
Project Management
Problem Solving
Team Management
Systems Design
Interaction Design
Information Architecture
UX Writing
Design Ops
3D Modeling
Hand & Technical Drawing
Gif Curation 😝


Some of the toolsets I am quite familiar with

Adobe XD
CNC Routing
Laser Cutting


Explore the projects to see notes giving you a look behind the curtain. Achievement unlocked!