Apple Glasses

Am I surprised Apple is in the AR (augmented reality) space? No, not at all. Am I surprised they are making another wearable? Nope. They have been pushing into the fashion world with the Apple Watch in part to gain traction for wearable tech. Working with brand partners to design bands for the Apple Watch as well as sponsoring the Met Gala for the last couple of years helping grow into the fashion industry. Tim Cook has been talking about AR for some time now as the next big thing over VR (virtual reality) which I totally agree with. Augmenting the human experience rather than removing you from it. So, the real question is what are these AR glasses going to look like when they come out? And what will be the fashion industry tie in be? These are some of the questions I try to answer with this project.


Sketches that Sparked the Whole Project
Glasses Moodboard
Glasses Styles
AR in The News
Canvas Concept

As part of this concept, I was looking at what a relationship between Apple and its fashion partners would look like. The reason for looking at this is when creating a wearable, it’s all about style and as Apple did with the launch of the Apple Watch it was pushed very hard into the fashion world. Working with Hermès to create a special edition watch with their leather bands and hitting the cover of Vouge China. These were only a couple of injections Apple had into the fashion industry. Basically, the Apple Watch could be broken into 2 parts “the tech” and “the style”. “The tech” being the watch and “the style” being the bands for the most part. Knowing this I thought of how would the design for Apple Glasses be broken similarly into 2 components “the tech” and “the style”. In this case, I see “the style” being the frame’s shape, color, size materiality to name a few.

Apple & the Fashion Industry
Digital Model
Render Process
Package Inspiration
Apple's Current Material Palette

Apple’s current material palette for the Apple Watch: Aluminum, Stainless Steel and Ceramic.

Glasses Cases
Digital Case Model
Digital Case Model: Final Design