Hero shot of the table

Behind the Scenes

This photo took many hours to shot and even longer to edit due to all the perspective distortion coming out of the camera.

This project started as a need for a dining table, but quickly turned into almost a yearlong project from prepping the table top to designing the legs. Shortly after starting to look for a dining table I came across a section of a bowling alley lane from a recently closed alley and decided to design and fabricate a dining table from it.

Detail photo of a found nail in the edge of the wood

Behind the Scenes

This is by fair my favorite detail of the table because it shows the construction from the original use of this slab, a nailed together bowling alley lane. A happy accident from where we trimmed the piece down!

Detail photo of the table edge wood grain
Detail photo of the rounded table lip
Detail photo of the lane arrows with a box of mangos


Sketches of Leg shapes and configurations
Sketches of the Leg cross sections

A bunch of sketches I did before deciding on the shape of legs I wanted to attach to the table top. Exploring different shapes, orientations and profiles.

3D Render of the table for scale

A quick render I did to make sure the proportions all looked good and worked well when actually sitting at the table. For example, making sure not to have a seat right in front of a leg and determining the appropriate height for comfort of the table top.

The slab of bowling lane from the beginning of the project
Underside of the table in a nearly completed state

Some in-process photos, the first a photo taken towards the very beginning of the project sanding down the surface and filling any cracks or holes. The second, an almost complete look at the underside of the table top with added supports to due to the construction of bowling lanes and a little signature! 😃

Enjoy this Timelapse video of the construction of the table.