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Our challenge was to create an digital portfolio tool or system that some problem within the K-12 education system for project based learning. Esporre is our answer to this. We decided to tackle this by thinking of the transition from personal to promotional for high school students. An example of this transition could come in the form of working on a class project then continuing to develop it outside of the classroom and from there it lead to a great learning experince and something that the student would want to share with the world.

I worked on this project with 2 of my colleagues and friends, Lauren Zito and Lucy Pei. For further information on our project also check out our splash page.

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Jeff Insights Jessey Insights Chris Insights Megan Insights

From our user research we created insight boards, to help us distill and maintain focus on certain aspects of our design, above are a couple of our insight boards.

First Relation Map
Relation Map

These maps show the relationships between our user, the student or learner, and all other stateholders we wanted to built for. The first map shows our first iteration of the relation map and the second is our current map designing with the most emphasis on entities more to the left (closer to the learner).

Realtime Board

For this project we decided to user RealTimeBoard to organize and capture our process as well as use it as a tool inspiration.

Maker Faire Interviews
Interview Analysis
Paper Prototyping

A couple pictures showing our process of user testing at the Maker Faire in Pittsburgh, interview analysis and some user testing with our paper prototype.

Tutorial and Setup
School Project
Out of School Project
Science Fair
Publishing and Sharing
System Map
Wireframe Map

This is our system diagram showing off the interactions and the use cases to get around our tool with and without our wireframes or designs.

Esporre Wireframes