Us with the Models

Lustre - the way light interacts with the surface of a crystal, rock, or mineral.

Our collection, Lustre, is inspired by geological formations. The line is inspired by the singular moment when a geode is split open, revealing colorful crystals within. With this in mind, the line showcases a natural progression of breaking down, perforating and shattering the rigid, rock-like structure of tessellated Yupo Paper, to reveal from underneath the free flowing fabrics of iridescent silk.

This concept is directly linked to the idea of clothing being a shell of the human form that socially delineates cultures and that only by breaking open this shell, and the prejudicial implications that go with it, can we reveal the true being within.

I worked on this line with two of my friends and colleagues, Carolina Tamayo and Alyssa Hamilton.

Stage; Photo Credit: Jonathan Leung

I also want to say thank to Yupo for being our sponsor for this line. Photo Credit: Jonathan Leung, Yutong Chen, Victor Song


Concept Inspiration

These images represent the concept we were trying to convey through our line.

Clothing Inspiration

These were several of the images we found that we though we could incorporate into our designs.

Sketches V1 Sketches V2 Inital Sketches

These sketches were the initial sketches we submitted in order to be a part of the Lunar Gala fashion show.

Scanning Diagram Model Scanning

In order to reduce the number of fitting we had to do with the models and experiment with unconventional ways to create a fashion line we decided to scan the models. Using a ABB robot, which had a camera mounted to it we took several pictures of the models then uploading the images to AutoDesk’s 123D Catch, which converted the images into a 3D mesh model, which we could then fit.

Model Fittings
Clothes Fittings
Sketches V1
Fabric Sketches

Sketches of our iridescent fabric pieces.

3D Prints
3D Print Renders

From our first 3D print we came across many problems that we then decided to use in order to improve all the 3D printed pieces. One problem we came across was how we wanted to connect the 3D printed pieces to one another for those that had large 3D print pieces. The initial design had left a lot of space in between the pieces so we could run fishing line through it, but it created to loose of an effect. On the other hand when connecting our 3D printed pieces to the YUPO paper (the white geometric structures) we had to make sure to leave some slack for the models to walk and move around naturally.

3D Print Sketches

Some initial sketches we had done for the piece of the outfits that we wanted 3D printed.

SketchBook Sketches
Wearing Origami - Instagram

Something fun I came across on social media that one of our models posted :)