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When starting this project I looked at what words described the International Student Union and what we do as an organization. I came up with the following: diverse, connected, global, community, social and fun.

Inspiration / Research Iteration 1 Iteration 2 Iteration 3 Iteration 4 Iteration 5 Iteration 6

These are the iterations I created for the brand image. Using different shapes and segments using five components as a symbol for the five inhabited continents. Looking at flag patterns and golden rectangles as one structure generating the logo.

Text Iteration Color Iteration

This was the first high fidelity logo I came up with. Looking at text positioning relative to the logo and color as the next step in the process.

Logo V1

After this logo I realized that the color worked as it was bright and as orange is a secondary color it incorporated several components, while the logo itself had no relation to any of the terms I had compiled, diverse, connected, global, community, social and fun.

Iteration 7 Iteration 8

I used the idea of interlocked circles similar to that of the olympic rings as a new direction or pattern for a more conceptually centered logo.

Color Iteration Overlay Iteration

This led me to the final logo. Where I then looked into a color palette for each of the four segments. After I decided on the colors I looked into how the segments would tie in to one another. At the end I went with this color pattern and the half overlapped segments.

Poster Design

Using this new brand image I created a poster for one of our events.