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YA Logomark
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OB Logomark

I created a set of personal LogoMarks using information about the people the LogoMarks are for, mostly their personality and some input like favorite color. Their personality helped influenced my decision on shape, color, style and the overall feel of the mark.

AG Logomark Lockup with Name
YA Logomark Lockup with Name
JTM Logomark Lockup with Name
DC Logomark Lockup with Name
DNL Logomark Lockup with Name
ED Logomark Lockup with Name
OB Logomark Lockup with Name


YA Logomark Lockup with Name
YA Logomark Lockup with Name: White
YA Logomark Lockup with Name: Black

Looking at the first logoMark, Yasmeen’s, I starting on my computer within my vector program, Rhinoceros, I started with her initials “YA” looking at the outcome from current fonts and some interesting spaces and relations that could come of it. This was 1 of the 2 approaches I took. The second started from a stamp marking she already used to sign with, which is the marking below. First I vectorized it and then tried to overlay a geometry, which did not work out so well. So I decided to ditch the geometry and if I was going to use the stamp I was going to use it in the original vectorized form.

Yasmeen Almuhanna Stamp Mark
Shape Iterations of the YA Logomark

Once I had finished the design, the steps that followed were which color to use, font to use for her name and whether or not to still incorporate the stamp. I knew the color was going to be a shade of pink, but the next step was deciding what shade. I wanted to go with a softer shade, something easy on the eyes but still clearly pink. Finally I choose the shade on the left. Soft, pink, not so in your face, and not so red either.

Yasmeen Almuhanna Color

I played around with the stamp and the final iteration logo to see what could come of it and if it made sense to bring them together as the stamp was already part of her “branding”. As the stamp was more free-flow and natural in character I wanted to use a circle, a less harsh shape and I also tried using triangles to match the logoMark. It did not seem to work for me to combine the 2 into 1 identity, but out of all of them I enjoy the bottom one the most. I like to call it the Starbucks variation.

YA logomark iterations with stamps
Exploring Font Pairing with the YA Logomark

Choosing a font was the next step. I wanted to use a sans serif font as the logo also gave a sans serif vibe. The logo had this certain weight to it and I wanted to complement it with the weight of the font.

YA Logomark Lockup with Name
YA Logomark Lockup with Name: White
YA Logomark Lockup with Name: Black
AG Logomark Sketches
AG Logomark Grid Construction
AG Logomark Shape Containers
AG Logomark Corner Details

Here I was playing with the corner details deciding whether the corners should be sharp or rounded. I decided especially since I was using a circle as the bounding shape that rounding the corners would fit the esthetic more, Leaving the corners sharp also left tension between the mark and the bounding circle. Seaming like the circle was going to pop from the sharp corners of the mark.

DNL Logomark Lockup with Name
DNL Logomark Lockup with Name: White
DNL Logomark Lockup with Name: Black
DNL Logomark Sketches
DNL logomark Grid Construction