My new logo

With the refresh I also wanted to streamline my brand, specifically reduce the complexity of the graphic while keeping the reference of the logo to my name. One of the first elements I looked into was reducing the number or horizontal lines in the logo, then crisping up the corners by removing the chamfers.

Color Scheme
Transtion animation from the old logo to the new
Overlay of the 2 logos to review differences


Original logo sketch with questions
Sketches of Page Layout and Logo Iterations
Sketches of Logo Iternations
High Fidelity Logo Iterations
High Fidelity Logo Iteration Exploring horizontal alignment

In order to reduce the number of horizontal lines I had to either slide the middle segment of the “E” down or move the “R” horizontal up. I decided to slide the “E” segment down so that I did not mess with the curvature of the “R”.

High Fidelity Logo Detailing