I had the incredible opportunity to visit Dubai Expo in 2022, two years after its originally planned date, as the global pandemic had caused a delay. This event carries on the rich heritage of the World’s Fair, where groundbreaking technologies like the telephone and color TV were first unveiled, alongside iconic architectural landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and the Space Needle, which left a lasting impact on the world stage.

Now, the World Expo has evolved to emphasize the celebration of global culture. The captivating performances of traditional dances, melodious music, and vibrant exhibitions of art and crafts spoke a universal language, uniting humanity under the inspiring banner of creativity.

I invite you to experience this extraordinary event that united the world with a shared vision of a brighter, interconnected future. Join me on my photographic journey of Dubai Expo 2020.

Illustrated map of the world with a focus on the United Arab Emirates
Illustrated map of the United Arab Emirates
Shot of the Morocco pavilion looking up through the atrium
Abstract curved white slats
Looking out of a white perforated box
The inside if the UK pavilion looking towards the wall of words
Costumed bird characters interaction with kids in the plaza
Gold and white tent from the inside
Colorful lines of the Russia pavilion against a blue sky
Red and yellow boxes of the south korean pavilion in a abstract stack
Abstract architectural shot of the opportunity pavilion
Glowing faceted pink bird sculpture
Abstract shot of an orange tent with foliage shot at night
A floating ribbon sculpture in an atrium wit red lighting
An egg sculpture with arabic script in the courtyard at night
Exterior look at the scales of the Pakistan pavilion
Pattern detailing of the exterior of the Uzbekistan pavilion
Structural detailing of a large parasol building
Facade of the Thai pavilion with motifs of traditional Thai architecture
Al Wasl Plaza Dome in daylight