During the winter of 2023, I visited the city of Istanbul. While there I visited many sites and made friends with several street cats. Enjoy some of my favorite shots from my trip.

Illustrated map of the world with a focus on Turkey
Illustrated map of Turkey
Panoramic shot of a shop keeper slicing Doner Kebab in the street
The Taksim tram at night
A busy nightlife street in Taksim
Fisherman setting up in front of an orange car
Fisherman at sunset in front of the Bosphorus Bridge
Hagia Sophia from a rooftop many blocks away
Stack of folded carpets in cool colors
Stack of folded carpets in warm colors
A man walking down a alley with parked cars
A chandelier of Turkish lamps
Dome of the Suleymaniye Mosque
Taxi jam in Istanbul
Long hall of the Spice Bazaar
Inside the Hagia Sophia
A busy street of shops and patrons
Blue Mosque from the exterior against a cloudy afternoon
Trash bins overflowing with corn husks
Chandelier from a mosque
A tray of chocolate baklava
A wall of Turkish tiles
A wall of traditional Turkish shoes
Bagel cart in front of the Blue Mosque at night
Kids getting Turkish ice cream in the evening light
Roasted corn cart in a wet evening
Man painting is building through the window
Fishing over the bridge

Istanbul has many street cats. Here are several I caught on camera!

Yawning cat stretched out
Cat looking to make friends
Vespa cat
Black and white cat posing on a path
Orange cat basking in the sun
Cat rolled up in a pillow sleeping
Fluffy cat sleeping on a park bench
3 cats having lunch
Sleepy loaf cat on a museum bench
2 cats chatting over a chair
Cat sprawled out on a public bench
Cat in the headlights on the sidewalk
Cat napping on a stack of carpets
Cat chilling on a car hood
Cat napping on a car hood
Fluffy cat sitting on a car hood
Cat sitting on a table
Cat perched on a pillar