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You may ask what does Pixar & Apple have to do with one another, well actually a lot but that’s for another day this collection is about the shared architecture of these two companies.


Steve Jobs: The Ideas Behind the Pixar Office Design

No one can deny the success of Apple and the iPhone, iPod, iTunes phenomenon, but did you know about Steve Job’s background in office design and what requirements he wanted for the Pixar workplace?


Steve Jobs poured his imagination into the Pixar office

Steve Jobs wasn’t involved in making the movies, but he built this office using the same budget and the same amount of time as one of our movies. In a sense, this is his movie.


The Science Behind How Steve Jobs Designed Pixar's Office

The paradox of designing an office for collaboration: it requires space for solo time, too.


Pixar Headquarters and the Legacy of Steve Jobs

After 5+ years of studying, posting pictures of, and writing about office design - it seems like a good idea to take an in depth look into just what makes Pixar's space so special.


Jony Ive on Apple Park: It's nice, though, isn't it?

Apple's Jonathan Ive has revealed his feelings about the tech giant's new home, as his team prepares to move in and photos of the interior emerge.


Apple Park

Apple Park places people at its heart, creating an ideal workplace for continued creativity, innovation and wellbeing.


Apple’s spaceship campus was designed to promote collaboration

Steve Jobs was a big believer in great ideas coming from serendipitous interactions. So it is no surprise that this concept was a central part of the design brief for Apple’s forthcoming “Spaceship” campus — one of the last projects Steve was actively involved with at Apple.


The science and design behind Apple’s innovation-obsessed new workspace

CEO Tim Cook says the facility captures founder Steve Jobs' vision uncannily well.


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