Hero Image

With this project, I wanted to explore how imagery could contribute to the inspiration process, specifically looking at illustrators, UI and UX designers as such I decided to pull images from Dribbble, an online community focused on work from many different kinds of designers and illustrators. I was also interesting it keeping my project fun and light hearted. With that in mind I decided to explore gamification. The question then became how could I turn a bunch of images into a game other than matching? Well I though users want their images to be found so they tag them, some with quite straightforward and some totally off the wall tags. But could I use these tags as a way to have people think about what an image means to the creator and help them learn how to find what they are looking for when out scouring the web. Almost as if this was a subconscious way to teach people how to google.

I decided to build 2 game modes sandbox and relation. Sandbox is a rapid-fire mode where a image is presented at random and your goal is to guess a tag associated to the image as fast as possible. This game mode is also endless. Relation’s objective is for the user to see if they can identify the connection between 2 images again based on the creators tags.

Sandbox Mode
Sandbox Mode Animation