Complications Hero car horn

For one of the most tech-centric companies out there, especially within the automotive industry, you would hope Tesla would have an Apple Watch app in addition to the iOS application, but sadly they don’t. I wanted to do something about that and decided to design this experience for our wrists; all the essentials at a glance! Let’s make this a reality Elon!

Tesla Watch App Hero
Watch Application User Interface
DJ Music Mixing Easter Egg

And we can’t forget about the Easter eggs! Become a music mixing DJ, while you charge up or host a jam session in your car. Record some tracks and share them with your friends. Scratch and spin using the Digital Crown on your Apple Watch.

User Flowmap


Current Apple Watch Interfaces

Started by exploring many of the current design patterns in WatchOS from the watch faces to dedicated applications. Explored interactions such as toggle switches and use of the digital crown with variable inputs such as volume of music or zoom level of a map.

Milage Dial States & Iterations

Interations of the remaining mileage complication would look like as well as all the states for it. Re-establishing a connection to the car, reserve battery, low battery, charging state and a cold battery state are shown above.

UI Development Process
UI Development Process