WatsON Hero Shot

Behind the Scenes

Fun fact: I took the photo featured on the left of Nick Cave's Soundsuits. Really enjoy the crisp mask in contrast to the motion blur from the surrounding hair. Probably my favorite photo from this photo shoot.

The wats:ON? Festival is a Carnegie Mellon staple, bringing an eclectic range of nationally and internationally renowned artists and their works to campus, providing a forum for interaction and collaboration between students and faculty from diverse fields within the campus community and beyond.

We wanted to elevate the festival’s web presence with a new website. Letting the community enjoy the amazing artist work after the festival. Our proposal takes a dive into the current site and simplifies the experience for the audience, while maintaining the strong brand the Wats:ON? Festival brings.

Final Proposal


Original Site Audit

One of the first steps we took was looking at the current state of affairs of the site. The pages were divided into 3 main groups: about, current festival and past festivals. The current festival and past festival sections were very much the same minus a schedule of events. Both sections housed their respective artist pages displaying the work they presented.

Current Brand
Sketch App Process