Had the opportunity to visit Dubai twice, 10 years apart. First in 2012 then 2022 when I attended the World Expo. Enjoy some of my favorite shots from my trip exploring architecture and culture.

Illustrated map of the world with a focus on the United Arab Emirates
Illustrated map of the United Arab Emirates
Atrium of the Burj al Arab with the gold arches
Metro line of Dubai
Dubai boats
Dubai boats
Detail of the Burj Al Arab's sail
Jumeirah Beach Resort and surrounding area from above
Emirates Towers and the Future Museum
Spiral staircase of the Future Museum
The library at the Future Museum
Detail of the blue whale at the library in the Future Museum
The sail of the Burj Al Arab
Twisted building
Black & white upclose of the Burj Khalifa
Black & white of the Burj Khalifa
The atrium of the Burj Al Arab