Elevating and extending the platform through a redesign

Shine Registry is a platform that gives founders a place to ask for support as they are starting their businesses. This redesign aids in formalizing a growing start-up’s visual identity with its existing community while also introducing a more scalable and cohesive platform and brand system as it continues to grow.

Don’t forget to check out the rebrand as well.

Mobile views of Shineregistry.com

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Featured tag page recognizing SustainableApparel
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With a lot of content search and discovery becomes an issue for any platform. This was something that we focused on with this redesign. How could we offer a better way to showcase and bubble up groups of businesses.

Especially with the ‘Featured Tag’ pages as we like to call them. Giving a community or group the opportunity to bubble up a little about themselves and all the folks that are a part of it on the platform.

Which also leads to a natural progression of helping bring new folks to the table through community partnerships.

Former information architecture
Information architecture

Every redesign starts with solid architecture

The biggest architectural change we made was separating the idea of a registry or business from the owner of that registry, previously they were one in the same. So if you supported someone else on the platform it was as your business. We noticed that overtime it became conceptually difficult to separate what the business represented and what the founders were supporting outside of their businesses. Our change to separate owners from their businesses on Shine Registry also gives businesses an opportunity to associate team members as they grow.

Shine Registry's Business & User Profile Pages
Shine Registry's Design Evolution

We’ve come a long way, but we can’t forget where we’ve came from!